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5 Things You Should Never Microwave E-mail
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The microwave is a very common, and often used, kitchen appliance. It's a great tool for heating up last night's dinner or a quick "2 minute meal". However, the microwave ovens we know today, the same that cook the food we eat, are descended from the radar boxes of the Second World War.

Invented by Percy L. Spencer, who was a radar technician during the war, microwave ovens use electromagnetic energy that is very similar to radio waves. Due to this heating method, microwaves emit non-ionizing radiation, which studies show can affect our blood and heart. The effects of this radiation can lead to certain types of intestinal and stomach cancers.

That being said, there is no need to fear. Microwaves today go through many extensive tests and safety procedures to make sure they are safe to use. But while we are safe standing next to them, what happens to the food we heat inside of them? Here are 5 things you should never put in the microwave as it will damage the food, and maybe also the people who'll eat it.

Breast Milk

5 Things You Should Never Microwave

The Best Way To Keep A Fly Away E-mail
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Summer is nearly here, and along with the sunshine and heat it also brings with it droves of flies - some of the most annoying and harmful of insects. They lay eggs in food and spoil it as well as spreading disease. And don't forget they're annoying!

If you have a fly problem at home or even on a nature walk, here is what you do:

1. You'll need: plastic bags, water and a few coins (The money won't buy you a fly repellent, but will help you build one).

2. Fill the bag with water.

3. Place 4-6 coins in every bag.

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