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llustrations Showing Our Addiction To Technology E-mail
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Has technology gone too far? one look at these satirical illustrations and you'll be asking yourself just that. Art has long been a way of documenting the present and commenting on social issues, something that todays artists continue to do through their thought provoking illustrations that comment on technology and the impact that it's having on our society.

As a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, how true do you think these illustrations are and which one sends the strongest message?. Here are 22 satirical illustrations that show how we've become addicted to technology.

1. Anyone want to play?

llustrations Showing Our Addiction To Technology

Hilarious Pictures About Life E-mail
(2 votes)
Being a human can be tough sometimes and these 25 hilarious pictures pretty much sum up the worst of it. From the disgusting act of touching wet food in the kitchen sink to the struggle of forgetting something as soon as you walk into a room, these pictures define the human experience.

1. The worst feeling ever.

Hilarious Pictures About Life

Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 January 2016 )
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