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50 Great Affordable Colleges In The Western USA E-mail
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Below you will find a list of the Top 50 affordable colleges and universities in the Western United States, commonly agreed to comprise Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington. All schools in this region were analyzed and ranked separately according to public and private institutions.

To start, we first compiled a list of all the regionally accredited institutions in the region, and then we zeroed in on schools meeting our definition of affordable. For the purposes of this article, "affordable" refers to having a net price (total cost of attendance minus the average financial aid package) below $22,000 - roughly the typical price tag of a year of college. At this point, we then collected a large amount of data on eight quality indicators: 6-year graduation rate, freshmen retention rate, student-to-faculty ratio, percentage of classes entrusted to graduate assistants, average entrance ACT score, number of campus organizations, number of academic programs, and Forbes ranking. We included the Forbes ranking because, more than other sources that write on education, it assesses schools based on measures of student "output" and satisfaction.

We then assigned points to each school based on their performance in each category; the 25 schools in each division (public and private) with the highest scores made this list. They are listed in descending order according to their net price, but we also included their quality ranking so you can see for yourself just how much value each institution offers.

Public Schools

25. University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, California

10 Beer Brands Americans Are Proud To Drink E-mail
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The beer industry is experiencing unprecedented changes right now.

Young consumers are abandoning classic brands like Budweiser in favor of craft brews. While brands like Bud Light and Natural Light are still bestsellers, many consumers don't want to be associated with them.

To find out which beer brands Americans are most proud of, YouGov BrandIndex surveyed consumers on quality, satisfaction, impression, value, reputation and willingness to recommend.

Here are the top 10 picks according to their results.

10. St. Pauli Girl

10 Beer Brands Americans Are Proud To Drink

St. Pauli Girl beer is brewed in Germany. It's known for its traditional German taste and is often compared to Heineken.

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