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8 Ways You Can Win Against The Sun This Summer E-mail
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The summers are in full swing, and we know how the heat can take a toll on you. With harsh sun-rays, sweat, and the sweltering heat, summer can get a bit frustrating. But you know what? It's also the perfect time to be out and about! Yes, we know the sun can be a huge issue during the day, but let's just not give up yet. Check out these 8 ways in which you can win against the sun this summer!

1. Keep covered with shades, scarves, or hats.

8 Ways You Can Win Against The Sun This Summer

This is always rule number one in summer. You have to protect your head and your eyes in the harsh sunlight. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can put on some fancy shades, some cool printed scarves, or stylish hats to keep your head and eyes covered. But of course this is not gonna be enough to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, is it?

Do You Really Know Your History? E-mail
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There are many details to historical events, and most of them never get taught in traditional history classes. After all, even big historical figures were just human beings like you and I, and history is made of people and their actions. So take a peek behind the curtain at the real face of history with some shocking and insightful facts of history.

The pyramids were built so long ago, even King Tut of Egypt would have probably seen them as 'ancient' structures.

Do You Really Know Your History?

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