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Simple Tips For Living Happier And Healthier Life E-mail
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In the world that we live in today it's easy to lose sight of what's important. In the pursuit of materials things, for more money and to be deemed successful by others we often make sacrifices to what matters the most, from our own personal health and well being to distancing ourselves from those closest to us.

With this in mind Daily Health Gen have come up with an on-going series which aims to give out positive and useful information to help you live a happier, healthier and ultimately more fulfilling life.

Simple Tips For Living Happier And Healthier Life

How To Deal Failure In Business E-mail
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If your startup was not profitable and had little money in the bank, it either asked most employees to leave or shut down. As a laid off employee or a founder, where do you go from here?

Deal with failure: Losing a job is bad enough. A startup fail is worse if you have to live with naysayers who criticised your past choices. You will need to accept, acknowledge and live with this temporary failure. Make life easier by reaching out to friends and family to pour out your sorrows. Next, find people who have been through similar situations. Discussing your experiences and seeking their perspectives will make it easier to embrace this fail. While you do this, neither be ashamed of your failure nor wear it in pride, else the bounce back will be tougher.

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