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10 Cool Google Secrets And Tricks You Never Knew Existed E-mail
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There is no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. But, did you know that Google's homepage is full of surprises? Here are 10 top best-hidden secrets of Google that you really need to know for fun!

1 Flip A Coin

What do you do when you have to make a difficult decision of choosing something between two options? Flipping a coin is one thing that can help you out, but what if a coin is not handy? Well, you have Google to the rescue. Type 'Flip A Coin' and click on 'I'm Feeling Lucky', and voila Google will tell you whether it's heads or tails!

10 Cool Google Secrets And Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Things You Must Never Change About Yourself E-mail
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Change is good, but changing yourself for someone or something isnít. Thatís because, you will be losing your identity, your unique persona and your own dignity. You should be accepted for who you are and not for who you pretend to be. Hereís why you need to keep your chin up and not change a damn thing for anybody...

1. You donít need to don the Ďhot-chickí look, just because your crush hates your kurtis

Things You Must Never Change About Yourself

Dressing the way you want is your personal style. Changing it for someone means losing your sense of style and imitating someone else. Therefore, what you wear should be your say.

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