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12 Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life E-mail
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We all know that, Our Laptops are invaluable for getting our many important works done but they are also only as good as their battery life.

Battery Life Cycle
The lifespan of a battery depends upon its life cycle, usually 350 - 500 times, the number of complete charges-discharge cycles, a battery can perform during its life span. So avoiding needless cycle of charging-discharging is the key method to expand battery life.

You can also extend life of your laptops battery with these steps......

1. One of the factors that affect life of battery is the fan. If there is dust on the fan, Laptops get heated and easily consuming more power. Based on experiences when the fan is cleaned, it start performing well and the speed too is boosted.

Tips To Look Stylish And Comfortable At Your Office E-mail
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Tips To Look Stylish And Comfortable At Your Office

Tips to Jazz Up Your Office Wear: Everyone wants to look stylish and comfortable at the workplace. Soft flowing blouses, wide legged pants and draped jackets can help in achieving the desired look.

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