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20 Handy Tips For Using Lemons E-mail
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The lemon is a citrus with a great aroma, that blends wonderfully with food and drink, but also has many other uses, thanks to its antibacterial effect. The lemon is rich in vitamin C. It is considered a strong anti-oxidant and contains 5% acid, which makes him a very useful tool.

So we know it's useful, but do we know how to utilize this potential? For that reason, we have collected 20 of the best things to do with a lemon, besides cooking with it!

1. Ant Repellant - Pour some lemon juice around any infested areas to keep them at bay!

How to Cool Yourself Without AC E-mail
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Summer is well underway, and in a month we will be at the very apex of it. The heat can be a real bother, and even a hazard, as we may get heat stroke or forget to drink enough to compensate. Air conditioning is of course the ultimate solution, but what happens when you don't have A/C, or just don't want to run it 24/7?

Here are some very helpful tips on how you too can cool yourself in the midst of summer without air conditioning!

1. Sleep cooler. If the heat is keeping you from resting at night, try these ideas:

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