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Common Mistakes That Can Ruin A Career E-mail
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Some of the most common mistakes that can ruin a career.
Be sure to remember this and never do if you want to reach the heights of the workplace.
Good luck.

Racism and sexism

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin A Career

72% of executives surveyed most serious mistake committed by men in the office, called the racist remarks, and 70% of respondents named such sexist remarks of men towards women. According to researchers, thus manifested narrow-mindedness and a low level of emotional responsiveness.

Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home E-mail
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Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home

Your kids are a great asset for you. You can be more patient for a mishap that happens to you but when it comes to your kids, you are very sensitive and cannot see them in pain, tragedy or chronic sickness. Below are some of the tips through which you can avoid several emergency situations to pop up when your kids are at home:

1- Don't allow kids to go to washrooms alone till they clearly understand the usage of hot and cold water taps.

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