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Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams E-mail
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Elevated Bus That Drives Above Traffic Jams

China’s traffic jams are legendary. One jam even has its own Wikipedia page dedicated to it (China National Highway 110 traffic jam. Look it up). But the country’s epic gridlock problems might soon be a thing of the past if plans for this amazing elevated bus go ahead.

Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself what we mean. It’s known as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) and it could very well be the future of public transport. It’s only a concept for the moment but a working mini model was recently presented at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The bus will be able to carry up to 1200 passengers and will take them to work and back by literally driving over the traffic. It’s a brilliant idea that could potentially alleviate congestion and reduce pollution in the world’s most populous country. If approved it could also be ready in as little as one year’s time.

The 10 Cities Of Ancient Civilization Swallowed By The Forests E-mail
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These 10 cities of Ancient Civilization have been swallowed by the forests but you can still visit them

There is something about the ruins that triggers a chord deep within every human. Perhaps, the dilapidated structures are monuments to the human immortality or perhaps they are a testimony of the human frailty ( views are subjective). Mankind has been inordinately inquisitive the glimpse into the ancient way of life fascinates him. He may not be able to visit the land as it was but he can definitely walk through the ruins and imbibe the essence of the faded glory. Presenting to you 10 lost cities of ancient civilization, to satiate your wanderlust and to satisfy your curiosity about the ancient civilisation.

1. Copan, Honduras

The 10 Cities Of Ancient Civilization Swallowed By The Forests

Copan was an important city of the Maya’s. It was the capital city of the Maya’s from 5th to 9th centuries AD. The city was surrounded by non-Maya’s yet it retained the sculptural style of lowland Maya. The city faced turbulent times when its king was captured and executed by his vassal. Copan went into a hiatus for 17 years during which they became the subjects of the vassal. Even though the Spaniards were aware of the city, the archaeologists remained largely oblivious to it until the 19th century. The UNESCO named it as a Heritage City in 1980.(source)

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