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New Zealand's Most Beautiful Island E-mail
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25 Incredible Photos of NZ's Most Beautiful Island
New Zealand is known to have one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in all the world. The two-island country is divided into a North and South islands. While they are both beautiful, it is the South Island that most naturalists come to see, because there is simply so much to see.
The South Island is famous for having many different settings - from lush, green hills and fields to rocky and snow covered mountains. From crystal clear pools and quiet rivers, to raging seas and huge beaches. Those who go far will even see actual glaciers, as the South Island is quite close to Antarctica.
Enjoy 25 photos that demonstrate the beauty of Nz's South Isle.

1. Purakaunui Falls

New Zealand's Most Beautiful Island

Last Updated ( Monday, 03 November 2014 )
Reasons To Visit Wild And Untamed Iceland E-mail
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Reasons To Visit Wild And Untamed Iceland

Iceland may be a small, thinly populated country (325,000), but its thin population allows the existence of huge volcanoes, icy mountains, deep fjords and breathtaking, epic landscapes. Its northern beauty is bolstered by waterfalls, huge mountains of stone and even deserts of volcanic ash. This is a wild, uncompromising natural beauty that exemplifies the great variety of our planet's landscapes.

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