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Entirely Blue Old Town Of Morocco E-mail
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Entirely Blue Old Town Of Morocco

Located in Northern Morocco is the town of Chefchaouen, a place that is full of glorious architecture and is famous for its vibrant blue walls and buildings. Wherever you look it would appear that shades of blue line the streets, walls, steps and doors.

The blue theme runs throughout the “old town” sector and features amazing Moroccan architecture as can be seen in many other old towns nearby, but the blue buildings are unique to Chefchaouen. The colour choice is thought to have come about in the 1930’s when Jewish refugees took sanctuary in the town. They thought that blue symbolised the sky and heaven. Whether you agree or not you cannot disagree they have certainly created a beautiful place to live in.

Somewhere In France E-mail
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Somewhere In France

Viva La France

Not unlike Italy, France's beauty goes far deeper than Paris or the Eiffel tower. It is the picturesque countryside and the small villages, that harken back to the old France, the beautiful architecture, the calm, peaceful towns surrounded by nature. This is the real, and most beautiful, France.

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