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Most Beautiful Crater Lakes In The World E-mail
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A crater lake is a lake that forms in a volcanic crater or caldera, such as a maar; less commonly and with lower association to the term a lake may form in an impact crater caused by a meteorite, or in an artificial explosion caused by humans.

1. Crater Lake, Mount Mazama Oregon, USA

Most Beautiful Crater Lakes In The World

Kasha-Katuwe - The Tent Rocks Monument, Mexico E-mail
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The Kasha-Katuwe or else they are called "Rock-Tents" or "Tent rocks" located 60 km southwest of Santa Fe, a city in the state of New Mexico near near Cochiti, USA, is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managed site, on the height of 1737-1951 m (5700-6400 feet) above sea level. Looking at them from the side, once you know where it came from such a title. Name Rocks Tents appeared because of its unusual appearance of rocks - they really look like a tent city. Cone-shaped tent of formation - the result of the vigorous activity of volcanic eruptions about 7.6 million years ago, under the influence of which formed the rocks of pumice, ash and residues of volcanic tuff. For many years, these rocks acted erosion, as well as wind and water. They carved in the rocks canyons, crevices, deep and picturesque gorges, polished rock, making a beautiful smooth rocks framing semicircles.

Kasha-Katuwe - The Tent Rocks Monument, Mexico

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