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Sankeien Garden in Yokohama, Japan E-mail
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Sankeien Garden in Yokohama, Japan

Sankei Garden is a traditional Japanese-style garden in Yokohama, Japan. The garden is popular for its cherry blossoms, ume blossoms,and the changing leaves in autumn. Sankeien Garden was biult by Tomitaro Hara in 1902-1908, know by the pseudonym Sankei Hara, who was a silk trader. Almost all of its buildings ar historically significatn structures bouth by Hara himself in location all over the country, among them Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, Gifu Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture. Ten properties have ben declared important cultural property, and rest of three are Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan designated by the city of Yokahama. In World War II some properties are damaged badly, In 1953 the garden was donated to City of Yokohama, which entrusted it to the Sankeien Hoshokai Foundation. The garden was restored almost to it pre-war condition in fiver years. The total surface of the garden is 175 thousand square meters and features ponds, streams, and undulating paths designed bye Sankei Hara, and many historical buildings such as Tomyo-ji former three-story Pagoda, originally constructed in Kyoto in 1457 and relocated in 1914 ad tge Former Yanohar House, originally the private residence of the Yahohara Family.

Amazing Guoliang Tunnel Of China E-mail
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Amazing Guoliang Tunnel Of China

Guoliang Tunnel in Henan Povince-China was no exception, because Chinese people are always different in scale of architectural project. The Guoliang village is located in a mountainous area of Taihang Mountains which is situated in Huisxian, Xinxiang, Henan Henan Province of China. These photos of the road are often misidentified as photo of the " Road of Death" in Bolivia. Any way but its look more dangerous with our last post Combe Laval Road | France.

Before the Tunnel was constructed, access to the nearby village of Guoliang was restricted to a difficult path carved into the mountainside. The village is surrounded by towering mountains cut of from outside civilization. In 1972 a group of villager led by Shen Mingxin made plans to carve a road into the side of the Mountain. Thirteen strong village workers began the project, The team of village works are not an engineer but the set about carving a roadway inch by inch, using their hand made tools and several died during construction. The tunnel is 1.2 kilometers long, five meters tall and 4 meters wide. The tunnel is attraction for international tourists.

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