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Salt Terraces Of Maras In Peru E-mail
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Peru city Marash, The Sacred Valley of the Incan Ruins, located near Cuzco Region of Peru, but nothing special stands out -The usual province. But tourists come here. And not to look at the architecture and life of the local population. Travelers interested in the salt terraces of Marash, Terraces used for salt production during the time of the Inca Empire, of the XII century, mountain river fills artificially created water tanks. Thousands of tiny terraces of white, pink and coffee brown evaporate salty mineral water to produce fine salt.

Salt Terraces Of Maras In Peru

Now there are more than five thousand snow-white squares and rectangles, composed of rock salt, which is formed by evaporation of water from underground salt deposits . Extraction process is quite simple. Mineral water comes out of the ground in the carved stone vessels, after which the sun's rays evaporated moisture. At the bottom of the stone container, reaching an area of 5 square meters, leaving only the salt crystals. Seasons has made become an iconic place and produce tons of salt by owners and the terraces are in private hands, but the owners of the salt ponds must be members of the community, and families that are new to the community wishing to propitiate a salt pond get the one farthest from the community. The size of the salt pond assigned to a family depends on the family's size.

Chitrakoot Falls - The Niagara Falls Of India E-mail
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Chitrakoot Falls are located 48kms west of Jagdalpur in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. This waterfall is considered the Niagara Falls of India and is the broadest waterfall in the nation. Chitrakoot falls are located in the middle of Vindhya ranges. The waterfall is formed by the Indravati River in Chattisgarh region which is a tributary of Narmada. Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfall in India. The height of the falls is 100 feet.The breadth of the waterfall varies as the water level in the river changes drastically. During monsoon the waterfall turns wild and violent. Chitrakoot waterfall is best seen during and after the monsoon, between July and October.

Chitrakoot Falls - The Niagara Falls Of India

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