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Going Around Cambodia E-mail
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Temples, Markets And Rain My Trip Around Cambodia

Travelling and shooting for a month in humid climate during the rainy season was a serious challenge. My aim was to traverse Phnom Penh, Mekong and Siem-Reap before heading South to Kampot and Kep.

Shooting Siem-Reap was a case of choosing more exotic temple and trying to keep away from the tourists. At Phom Penh I visited the main spots and few local charms recommended by friends and locals. It was one the easiest city to shoot.

The Mekong was too flat and wide so it was a nightmare to get any real sense of size. Id pretty much crossed it off and left it for next time.

Kampot and Kep were full of rusted old colonial bridges, all kinds of wildlife, mountains and beaches. It was an amazing place not overcrowded with tourists.

Angkor Thom East Gate

Going Around Cambodia

Manual High Dynamic Range in mid afternoon summer.

12 Places That Are Damn Near Impossible To Get To E-mail
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When you think about it, the world doesn't seem to be such a small place after all. Don't expect a warm reception or tourist friendly services at these places since some of them might just put your life in danger or make your visit a living nightmare. So be careful what you wish for ;)

Some contributors mentioned these destinations as hard and almost impossible to visit.

1. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is located near the Andaman and Nicobar islands and is home to the Sentinelese tribe who do not welcome any contact from the outside world. Even after the 2004 tsunami when rescuers tried to find out if the tribes had survived, their relief parcels were reciprocated with spears and arrows. Anthropologists have given up studying about the tribesmen due to their potential wrath of killing outsiders on sight. The only images that exist of these people are from satellite photos and spy cameras.

12 Places That Are Damn Near Impossible To Get To

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