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Africa Migingo Island Is A Fishing Paradise E-mail
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Our life is full of contradiction - sometimes vast areas remain virtually untapped human. This is what happened with a small island called Migingo, which is situated in African Lake Victoria, the size of island is 2,000-square-meter or 0.49-acre. The Lake Victoria, one of the world’s biggest bodies of fresh water, which 30 million impoverished Africans depend on for their survival, may be running out of these fish. According to a recent study, Nile perch stocks are down by nearly 70 percent, threatening a crucial industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Migingo island area can only be compared with the size of a regular football field, but the population of this island is only 300. Active development of these places started relatively recently - even before 1991, there were only rocky shores, greenly and reptiles zone. But in the adjacent waters vodilsya is very valuable fish species and large quantities of Nile Perch.

Africa Migingo Island Is A Fishing Paradise

Magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall In Iceland E-mail
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Gullfoss is a waterfall located in the canyon of Hvítá river in southwest Iceland, Its stands on the edge of the mountain range, from roaring water falls down the rapid river Hvita. River "White" is a fitting name because on the surface of a violent white foam stream is formed, but the water seems that sky-blue, the transparent gray. Gullfoss means "golden waterfall", although no one knows exactly why its called. Perhaps the reason is that we can not remain indifferent. In sunny weather, rainbow over the waterfall can be seen several kilometers away. Waterfall is completely unique in both form and structure. It is formed of three separate levels and two stages. The height of the upper cascade of 11 meters, and the lower - 21 meters. At a time when the water level reaches its maximum, the water rushing at about 130 cubic meters per second and produces incredible noise. Wet Trail, which runs from the bottom to the top level of the waterfall, leads through a cloud of mist. Falls perfectly visible from the highway. From the top of the waterfall Gullfoss can see blue ice glacier Langjokull and big mountain pass Kjolur. Previously there have been many attempts to build on the site of the waterfall Gullfoss hydroelectric plant, which would lead to the destruction of the waterfall.

Magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall In Iceland

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