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Amazing Graveyard Of Ships In Desert of Moynaq, Uzbekistan E-mail
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Moynaq ship Graveyard — Mo‘ynoq also spelled as Muynak and Moynaq, is a city in northern Karakalpakstan in western Uzbekistan. Formerly a sea port, now home to only a few thousand residents at most, Mo‘ynoq's population has been declining precipitously since the 1980s due to the recession of the Aral Sea. 30 years ago Moynaq was one of two biggest Soviet fishing harbours at the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea has been steadily decreasing since the 1960s, as the waters of the two rivers feeding it, the Amu Darya and Syr Darya, were aimed at irrigating agricultural areas. Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world with an area of 68,000 km2 or 26,300 sq mi, the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking since in 1960s after the rivers that fed it were diverted by Soviet irrigation projects. In 2007, it had declined to 10% of its original size, splitting into four lakes – the North Aral Sea, the eastern and western basins of the once far larger South Aral Sea, and one smaller lake between the North and South Aral Seas.However, in 2009, the southeastern lake had disappeared and the southwestern lake had retreated to a thin strip at the extreme west of the former southern sea. The maximum depth of the North Aral Sea is 42 meter or 138 ft in 2008.

Amazing Graveyard Of Ships In Desert of Moynaq, Uzbekistan

Perfectly Balanced Rock Of Brimham Moor, England E-mail
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Brimhem Moore, an area of 20 hectares, in North Yorkshire, England, situated some interesting rock formations, created tens of thousands of years of erosion, but the most impressive of these is the Idol Rock - 200-ton monolith, balancing on a small pyramid-shaped base. Rock idol, height 4.5 meters, looks like she is about to fall, but in fact it is quite stable. Giant stone formation is estimated to having a weight of 200 tons, is teetering on the basis of his little longer than anyone remembers, denying the laws of physics, and forcing visitors Brimhem Moore, scratching their heads in wonder. This unique landmark, also known as Druids Idol and Desk Druids "Druid's Writing Desk", held in a small stone girth of 30 centimeters. Photos stone walk on the internet for years, and many believe that this is just the result of work in Photoshop, but the idol of Brimhema actually exists and is an example of the talent of Mother Nature.

Perfectly Balanced Rock Of Brimham Moor, England

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