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Frozen Cars Leave Icy Bumper Shells E-mail
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Frozen Cars Leave Icy Bumper Shells

After the recent ice storm that swept through North Carolina, spooky things have been happening throughout the stateÖ One person captured photos of a ghostly car fender apparition that is actually a shell of ice that formed on the front of a parked Jeep.

9 Reasons Why Its A Good Idea To Have An Affair With Beer E-mail
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Well, at first I thought people donít need to be reminded that why beer is just so awesome. Isnít it like a universal truth, donít we all love beer! But you know, then I met some creatures out there who think otherwise. Yes, such breed exists! Well, whether to have beer or not remains your personal choice, but come on, you have to agree that beer is simply THE drink for summers. Though, some would still argue that itís equally awesome in all other seasons too. But just so you become thankful for this wonderful discovery all over again, here are 9 reasons why is the ultimate summer drink.

1. Well, itís summers and duh! Beer is the ideal thirst quencher. Nothing can beat the heat better than a chilled pint of beer! Or several pints.

9 Reasons Why Its A Good Idea To Have An Affair With Beer

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