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Animals Making Most Of Summer At The Pool E-mail
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We humans aren't the only ones trying to beat the heat now that summer is officially in full swing.

Keeping our fluffy (or feathery!) animal friends comfortable as the temperature climbs higher and higher can be a daunting task, especially when you see your energy bill after just a few weeks of cranking the A/C. But the simplest solution is also one of the cutest: grab a kiddie pool and let your little friends go to town!

And if you've got a full pool of your own, don't be surprised to find some guests taking advantage of the welcoming waters...

Animals Making Most Of Summer At The Pool

It Happens Only In Australia E-mail
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It Happens Only In Australia

Australians are known to be pretty laid back people, which is surprising considering their wild life contains thousands of ways for them to get poisoned, eaten or injured. Still, they maintain their happy-go-lucky ways despite this fact, and even have a good sense of humor about it. There's no doubt Australia is a unique place, and so travelers to Australia, especially the outback, should be aware they might run into the following scenes...

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