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Unusual Things
Incredibly Satisfying Animated Pictures E-mail
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Watching these random processes and chain reactions unfold right before your very eyes is incredibly satisfying. You also might learn a thing or two, such as how a lock and key work and how ice cream is packagedů and that frisbee is awesome.

1. Incredible shot

Incredibly Satisfying Animated Pictures

What If Luxury Brands Sold Ordinary Grocery Store Items E-mail
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What If Luxury Brands Sold Ordinary Grocery Store Items

What if Apple sold milk? it would probably be the most innovative milk ever? well thats exactly what this brilliant series by designer Peddy Mergui explores. Taking some of the worlds most prestigious and well known brands and placing them on ordinary items you would find at your local supermarket or grocery store creates some pretty unusual packaging designs.

A world in which you could bake a cake using only Versace and Prada products would be a scary place.

Last Updated ( Monday, 12 January 2015 )
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