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Awesome Gift Ideas For Bookworms E-mail
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Awesome Gift Ideas For Bookworms (Besides An Actual Book)

What's the perfect gift for a book-lover? There's nothing worse than getting someone a book they already have, so why not play it safe and get them some book-themed accessories? From book-shaped pillows to bedtime story duvet covers, there's no excuse for empty stockings by the fireplace this year!
This book-lover mega-list is longer than War and Peace, so help your fellow pandas out. Vote on your favorite gift idea below, or submit your own ideas!

1 Library Bookcase Chair

Awesome Gift Ideas For Bookworms

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 December 2015 )
Passenger Gets Seated Next to A Complete Stranger Who Looks Exactly Like Him E-mail
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Although it may seem hard to believe these two men are not related. On a Thursday evening on a flight from London to Galway, 32-year-old Neil Douglas found that his seat had already been taken by a man that looked exactly like him. It turns out that the man who looked exactly like him, 35-year-old Robert Stirling, had swapped seats so that a couple could sit together.

Douglas asked the man to move and when he looked up he thought “Holy s***, he looks like me” he told Daily Mail. After they arrived at their destination it turns out they were checking into the same hotel. They ended up socialising quite a lot and plenty of others commented on how similar the two of them look. What are the chances!

Passenger Gets Seated next to A Complete Stranger Who Looks Exactly Like Him

Last Updated ( Monday, 14 December 2015 )
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