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Caribbean Airlines - Thats How Every Flight Should Be E-mail
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Now that's how they do Things...

Caribbean Airlines - Thats How Every Flight Should Be

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 April 2014 )
10 Strange Phobias That Really Exist E-mail
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Biologically speaking, developing a phobia is as easy as experiencing a traumatic event and consistently relating that event to something (often arbitrary) that was present when the event transpired. So while it’s possible for someone to develop an irrational fear of almost anything, one wonders how the afflicted parties of some of the following phobias manage to successfully function in their everyday lives.

Strange Phobias: Barophobia

10 Strange Phobias That Really Exist

Barophobia, or the fear of gravity, can manifest itself in a few different ways. An individual plagued with this crippling phobia is frightened that the pull of gravity will eventually crush them, or alternatively, that gravity will cease to exist and they will simply float off the face of the Earth. Strangely, a valid type of treatment for this phobia is listed as “exposure therapy”. We’re not sure how such a therapy would appear, exactly, but we would imagine it would look a lot like pure existence.

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