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Most Amazing Taxis Around The World E-mail
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Public transport in the city is not always able to meet our needs. Sometimes you need to get to a place where no one goes no bus or train to quickly catch up with the off - there will always be situations in life when we can not do without the unruly taxi drivers. They are and strive to squeeze in between the rows of cars, or go directly to the sidewalk, going round plugs. Arrogant and kind, sociable and closed - just only taxi. We suggest you to travel to different corners of the world in search of the most unusual taxis from around the world or most Unusual cabs around the world.

01. Prague Design Taxi

Most Amazing Taxis Around The World

Giant Mirrors Installed In Norwegian Town Rjukan E-mail
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The Norwegian town of Rjukan will be a lot less gloomy this winter, thanks to a system of giant mirrors installed on a nearby mountain that reflects sunlight onto the town below. Here's how it works, according to the project's website | The three gigantic mirrors, which are computer-controlled, will follow the path of the sunlight as it moves across the horizon. The mirrors will adjust their aim, reflecting the much-needed sunlight onto the town square. Rjukan, which is roughly 90 miles west of Oslo, is located in a valley and is deprived of direct sunlight for much of the year. The mirror project, which officially opens on Oct. 31, will give residents a 6,500-square-foot ray of light.

Giant Mirrors Installed In Norwegian Town Rjukan

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