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Amazing Before And After Shots Of Visual Effects E-mail
(2 votes)
We have already covered before and after shots of visual effects, and with good reason too. It really is amazing to see how simple studio sets and props can be completely transformed with the use of green screen and the amazing talent of visual effects artists. Here are 18 more amazing examples of visual effects transforming movies.

Amazing Before And After Shots Of Visual Effects

Tron legacy

A Little Surprise On Highway E-mail
(6 votes)
When reddit user PandaPocaryps was out driving along a busy five lane highway in 98F degree heat, he never could have imagined what he was about to come across.

A little kitten ran across the highway. He had to turn back and save it. Months later they are now the best of friends. This story will melt your heart.

A Little Surprise On Highway

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