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Hanuman Chalisa by M.S.Subbulakshmi E-mail
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 November 2008 )
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My salutations to god hanuman .. this video is my tribute to bharatratna padmabhusan M.S.subbulakshmi amma....
English transliteration of the chalisa here follows
Shree Gu-ru cha-ra-na sa-ro-ja ra-ja
Ni-ja ma-nu mu-ku-ru sud-haa-ri
Ba-ra-naun Rag-hu-ba-ra bi-ma-la ja-su
Jo daa-ya-ku pha-la chaa-ri
Bud-hi hee-na ta-nu jaa-ni-ke
Su-mi-raun pa-va-na ku-maa-ra
Ba-la bud-hi vid-yaa de-hu mo-hin
Ha-ra-hu ka-le-sa bi-kaa-ra
1. Ja-ya Ha-nu-maa-na gyaa-na gu-na saa-ga-ra
Ja-ya Ka-pee-sha ti-hun lo-ka u-jaa-ga-ra
2. Raa-ma doo-ta a-tu-li-ta ba-la dhaa-maa
An-ja-ni pu-tra Pa-va-na-su-ta naa-maa
3. Ma-haa-bee-ra bi-kra-ma ba-ja-ran-gee
Ku-ma-ti ni-vaa-ra su-ma-ti ke san-gee
4. Kan-cha-na ba-ra-na bi-raa-ja su-be-saa
Kaa-na-na kun-da-la kun-chi-ta ke-saa
5. Haa-tha baj-ra au-ra dva-jaa bi-raa-jai
Kaan-dhe moon-ja ja-neu saa-jai
6. Shan-ka-ra su-va-na Ke-sa-ree nan-da-na
Te-ja pra-taa-pa ma-haa ja-ga ban-da-na
7. Vi-dyaa vaa-na gun-ee at-i chaa-tu-ra
Raa-ma kaa-ja ka-ri-be ko aa-tu-ra
8. Prab-hu cha-ri-tra su-ni-be ko ra-si-yaa
Raa-ma Lak-ha-na See-taa ma-na ba-si-yaa
9. Sooksh-ma roo-pa dha-ri Si-ya-hin di-khaa-vaa
Bi-ka-ta roo-pa dha-ri Lan-ka ja-raa-waa
10. Bhee-ma roo-pa dha-ri a-su-ra san-ghaa-re
Raa-ma-chan-dra ke kaa-ja san-vaa-re
11. Laa-ya sa-jee-va-na Lak-ha-na ji-yaa-ye
Shree Rag-hu-bee-ra ha-ra-shi u-ra laa-ye
12. Rag-hu-pa-ti keen-hee ba-hu-ta ba-raa-i
Tu-ma ma-ma pri-ya Bha-ra-ta-hi sa-ma bhaa-i
13. Sa-ha-sa ba-da-na tum-ha-ro ja-sa gaa-vai
A-sa ka-hi Shree-pa-ti kan-tha la-gaa-vai
14. Sa-na-kaa-di-ka Brah-maa-di mu-nee-saa
Naa-ra-da Saa-ra-da sa-hi-ta A-hee-saa
15. Ya-ma Ku-be-ra di-ga-paa-la ja-haan-te
Ka-bi ko-bi-da ka-hi sa-ke ka-haan-te
16. Tu-ma u-pa-kaa-ra Su-gree-va-hin keen-haa
Raa-ma mi-laa-ya raa-ja pa-da deen-haa
17. Tum-ha-ro man-tra Vi-bhee-sha-na maa-naa
Lan-ke-sh-va-ra bha-ye sa-ba ja-ga jaa-naa
18. Yu-ga sa-ha-sra yo-ja-na pa-ra bhaa-nu
Leel-yo taa-hi ma-dhu-ra pha-la jaa-nu
19. Prab-hu mu-dri-kaa me-li muk-ha maa-heen
Ja-lad-hi laan-ghi ga-ye a-cha-ra-ja naa-heen
20. Dur-ga-ma kaa-ja ja-ga-ta ke je-te
Su-ga-ma a-nu-gra-ha tum-ha-re te-te
21. Raa-ma du-aa-re tu-ma rak-ha-vaa-re
Ho-ta na aa-gyaa bi-nu pai-saa-re
22. Sa-ba suk-ha la-hai tum-haa-ree sha-ra-naa
Tu-ma rak-sha-ka kaa-hu ko da-ra-naa
23. Aa-pa-na te-ja sam-haa-rau aa-pai
Tee-non lo-ka haan-ka ten kaan-pai
24. Bhoo-ta pis-haa-cha ni-ka-ta na-hin aa-vai
Ma-haa-bee-ra ja-ba naa-ma su-naa-vai
25. Naa-sai ro-ga ha-re sa-ba pee-raa
Ja-pa-ta ni-ran-ta-ra Ha-nu-mat-a bee-raa
26. San-ka-ta ten Ha-nu-maa-na chu-raa-vai
Ma-na kra-ma ba-cha-na dhyaa-na jo laa-vai
27. Sab pa-ra Raa-ma ta-pas-vee raa-jaa
Ti-na ke kaa-ja sa-ka-la tu-ma saa-jaa
28. Au-ra ma-no-ra-tha jo ko-ee laa-ve
So-ee a-mi-ta jee-va-na pha-la paa-ve
29. Chaa-ron yu-ga pa-ra-taa-pa tum-haa-raa
Hai pa-ra-sid-ha ja-ga-ta u-ji-yaa-raa
30. Saa-dhu san-ta ke tu-ma rak-ha-vaa-re
A-su-ra ni-kan-da-na Raa-ma du-laa-re
31. Ash-ta sid-hi nau nid-hi ke daa-taa
As-a ba-ra dee-na Jaa-na-kee Maa-taa
32. Raa-ma ra-saa-ya-na toom-ha-re paa-saa
Sa-daa ra-ho Ra-ghu-pa-ti ke daa-saa
33. Tum-ha-re bha-ja-na Raa-ma ko paa-vai
Ja-na-ma ja-na-ma ke duk-ha bi-sa-ra-vai
34. An-ta kaa-la Rag-hu-ba-ra pu-ra jaa-ee
Ja-haan jan-ma Ha-ri bhak-ta ka-haa-ee
35. Au-ra de-va-taa chi-ta na dha-ra-ee
Ha-nu-ma-ta se-ee sar-va suk-ha ka-ra-ee
36. San-ka-ta ka-tai mi-te sa-ba pee-raa
Jo su-mi-re Ha-nu-ma-ta ba-la bee-raa
37. Jai Jai Jai Ha-nu-maa-na Go-saa-ee
Kri-paa ka-ra-hu gu-ru-de-va kee naa-ee
38. Jo sa-ta baa-ra paa-ta ka-ra ko-ee
Choo ta-hi ban-di ma-haa suk-ha ho-ee
39. Jo ya-ha pa-rai Ha-nu-maa-na chaa-lee-saa
Ho ya sid-hi saa-khee Gau-ree-saa
40. Tu-la-see-daa-sa sa-daa Ha-ri che-raa
Kee je naa -ta hri-da-ya ma-han de-raa

Pa-va-na ta-na-ya san-ka-ta ha-ra-na
Man-ga-la moo-ra-ti roo-pa
Raa-ma Lak-kha-na See-taa sa-hi-ta
Hri-da-ya ba-sa-hu su-ra bhoo-pa
Si-yaa va-ra Raa-ma-chan-dra pa-da jai sha-ra-nam

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Posted by Wiseman, on 26-10-2012 08:45, , Guest
Your post captures the issue pefrtcely!

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