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How To Make Wife Fool ( Funny ) E-mail
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A smart guy makes his wife fool.. .

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Posted by ranjha, on 04-02-2011 01:31, , Guest
:grin superb

Posted by arash, on 04-01-2011 10:57, , Guest

Posted by sangi, on 20-10-2010 03:28, , Guest
All the best guys :roll

Posted by Dan, on 16-08-2010 10:39, , Guest
You are all a bunch of idiots. Most likely female and/or liberals.Brain dead, with no sense of humor. Don't take time to figure out what is happening, just jump right in with the whining and bitching. After all we know commercials are meant to be taken literally. 
Did anybody see the poster on the door? Did anybody notice the brand of beer or the words at the end of the commercial? 
What language was used? I don't know.  
Could the title of the video just be a poor translation into English? 
Maybe the translation was supposed to have read "How To Fool Your Wife"  
What do you think, Brainiacs?

Posted by Leatheryman, on 15-03-2010 11:07, , Guest
""A Smart Guy Fools His Wife".  
In this structure, it is a harmless trick the "guy" plays on his w!fe.  
"Makes wife fool", is a mean thing, and makes her seem to be an idiot " 
Holy Shit! Are you for real? Let me tell you somethin sweetheart...If I was a femenist, I wouldn't be too worried about some poor grammar on a youtube ad making w0men seem like idiots with comments like that floating around..LMFAO!!!!

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