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Amazing Sea Life Creatures E-mail
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We are land creatures: We breathe air, walk only on solid ground, and rarely move up and down unless we're at an elevator. We're used to this world, and we know the shapes of animals we might run into on land (although we still get surprised sometimes).

But even now, at this modern age, the titanic ocean that surrounds us still hides many fantastic secrets within it that astound us. Most of these surprises are biological in nature, turning out the most incredible, alien-looking and bizarre life forms, so different from our own, yet fascinating to see.

1. Barreleye Fish

Amazing Sea Life Creatures

With its transparent head with its big, tennis ball eyes looking out of it, this fish is one of the most extraordinary creatures I've ever seen.

Homeless Man Takes the Most Incredible Photographs E-mail
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Justin Brosey is a man with a talent for photography and his work has even been published in National Geographic however after losing his job he had no other option but to move himself and his family into the woods where technically he is homeless. Despite this he still continues to take some incredible photographs.

What makes these photographs even more impressive is that when you look at them you would think that they have been taken by someone with the best resources available to them. Justin continues to work on his website when and where he can find free wi-fi and you can check it out here. The photographs are all available to purchase.

Homeless Man Takes the Most Incredible Photographs

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