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Ants Spray Acid to Defend Themselves E-mail
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Ants Spray Acid to Defend Themselves

The incredible moment of a colony of woodland group of ants attack fire jets of formic acid into the air to ward off aerial predators as large as jay birds and woodpeckers. These awesome closeup photos has been captured on camera by wildlife photographer, Paul Quagliana. Used as a defence mechanism to potential predators, the ants dispense the acid from their abdomen gather and emit the substance when sensing a threat overhead in Wareham Forest of Dorset. Although not harmful to humans, but has a strong odor of formic acid produced by the ants can scare off predators.

A Magical World of Snails E-mail
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A Magical World of Snails

Creative Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is now living and working in Berdichev. Vyacheslav is passionate about the less obvious and more fragile parts of nature, where little creatures like insects, molluscs, reptiles living in their own macro world and daring to look at his own reflection in the rivers and lakes. Vyacheslav shoots his unwary models in their natural habitats as he captures the most intimate and sensitive moments of their delicate lives. His photography feature snails captivate by drops of water or kissing and stretching across gaps of water in setups that are nothing less than picture perfect.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 April 2014 )
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