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Smiliest Cats On The Internet E-mail
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Ranging from the smug to the foolish and the all-out cute, these smiling cats will certainly improve your day, no matter how awesome or tough itís been.

We also all know cats are mysterious, so where do their smiles come from? Strangely enough, the ones on their faces arenít true smiles, as their facial muscles are not the same as humans. More often than not, your kitty will express happiness via the obvious purring, closing their eyes, and relaxing their head backwards.

Smiliest Cats On The Internet

Huskies Have Mastered The Art Of Dressing Up E-mail
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Huskies Have Mastered The Art Of Dressing Up

Iíve gotten to know a lot of great people who own/breed Siberians, so my Instagram and Facebook accounts are now flooded with huskies. I should add that wearing clothes for a long periods of time is bad for dogís coat (humans are a nice example of what might happen). You can also check out a previous post about my huskies here.

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