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Meet Adorable Juniper - The Domesticated Fox E-mail
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You know what might just beat owning a dog? having your very own pet fox. Meet Juniper, the adorable red fox that could easily be mistaken for an orange furred dog. Despite Juniper's cute appearance however, foxes can be hard work to raise.

However it's Juniper's loveable and happy temperament that shines through as she can be seen enjoying herself, playing and looking rather content in all of her Instagram photos and who can blame her. Now part of a loving home Juniper's got a lot to smile about!

Meet Adorable Juniper - The Domesticated Fox

Lovely Polar Bear Cub Photographed Hitching A Ride On Mum E-mail
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Each year at the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada, between the months of February to March something magical happens, the polar bear mothers emerge with their newborns for the first time.

Normally disappearing around October time the mothers give birth to their cubs around November meaning that when they finally emerge from their dens they're around 4 months old. Over the past year photographer Daisy Gilardini spent a total of 117 hours, enduring sub zero temperatures as low as -50C to -45C with wind chill in order to capture these magical photos. During that time Gilardini was only lucky enough to see five different polar bear sightings.

Despite this her perseverance was more than worth it as she managed to capture the magical moment a young polar bear cub decides to climb on top of mum and hitch a ride!. Gilardini is an experienced polar explorer and photographer who has many more incredible photos over on her website.

Lovely Polar Bear Cub Photographed Hitching A Ride On Mum

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 February 2016 )
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