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Amazing Monkey And His Dog E-mail
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One monkey and his dog: Primate rounds up sheep at the rodeo, on the back of a border collie

They are an inseparable double act – Bud the border collie and Whiplash the Capuchin monkey.

What’s more, there’s nothing they like better than rounding up sheep – to the delight of the crowds at the rodeo in Reno, Nevada.

Whiplash, 27, is now a favourite at the rodeos in the US south-west.

Amazing Monkey And His Dog

Animals Who Love Eating Watermelon E-mail
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Animals Who Love Eating Watermelon

Summer is in full swing, soon ripe watermelons. It turns out, not only people like them. See more on animals, which also like watermelons.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 July 2012 )
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