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Raymond - The Baby Koala E-mail
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Raymond - The Baby Koala

This is Raymond, an orphaned koala that was found abandoned beside a road in Brisbane, Australia. He was rescued by his human namesake and nursed back to health. Caretakers feared that Raymond wouldn’t survive because he weighed so little and wouldn’t feed properly. Julie Zyzniewski, who is looking after him, says: “He had to be coaxed to feed. He was frail and his future was uncertain. Suddenly, one day he decided life wasn’t so bad and he has been absolutely powering along ever since…”

Dik-Dik - A Miniature Antelope Aluna E-mail
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Meet the Aluna. Her name in Swahili means “come here.” It’s dik-dik, a miniature antelope. Her height is only 20 cm! A Zoo keepers name Chester raised her,when her mother rejected her. Looking at these photos, zoo keeper can only envy. Is not it,she is very nice and lovely. Innocent creature just love her new mom.

Dik-Dik - A Miniature Antelope Aluna

Baby antelope at Chester Zoo Time cuddles his adoptive daughter (Picture: Chester)

Dikdiki (Latin Madoqua) – sort of miniature bovids belongs to the subfamily of antelopes. Dikdiki are common in grasslands and semi-deserts of central and eastern Africa (from Namibia to Somalia).

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