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10 Animals You Can Find In Unexpected Places E-mail
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Everyone knows that lions can be found in Africa, buffalo in North America, kangaroos in Australia, and so on. They are native to these territories, and are common sights. This list, however, sets out to destroy some misconceptions: a few well-known animals are found in places you wouldn’t have expected to see them.

These animals are more than just escaped pets; they’re thriving, growing into ever-expanding colonies. Next time someone swears they saw a foreign creature hop across the road at night, don’t be so quick to discount them. They may be right!

10. Camels in Australia

10 Animals You Can Find In Unexpected Places

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows E-mail
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Sam the cat has only one expression thanks to his 'eyebrows' - worried, His good humoured owner has posted 50 pictures of him online which have earned him worldwide internet fame. He may have nine lives, but thanks to his unusual fur markings, Sam the cat has only one expression - worried. The mystified moggy has become an internet sensation after his owner set up a page dedicated to him and his 'eyebrows'. The feline, believed to be from New York, has more than 10,000 followers on picture sharing site Instagram, with his quizzical expression earning him world wide fame.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

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