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A Cute Pet Rhino E-mail
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A Cute Pet Rhino

The mother of this baby rhino was shot by poachers. Now it lives in a guesthouse in Zimbabwae which is run by husband and wife team Roger and Anne Whittall.

A Chocolate Milkshake For Parrots E-mail
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Flock of parrots waste no time finishing an unattended chocolate milkshake

Sharing was not part of the agenda for this colourful parrot as it claimed ownership of a tasty milkshake.

The lorikeet and its company descended on a café in Queensland, Australia where the chocolate drink had been left unattended for a few seconds too long.

Although the parrot tried its best to fight off fellow milkshake fans, it was forced to relent when a whole flock of birds joined in for a sip.

A Chocolate Milkshake For Parrots

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