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Amazing Honeypot Ants Close Up Pictures E-mail
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Amazing Honeypot Ants Close Up Pictures

Honeypot Ants Myrmecocystus nests are found in a variety of arid or semi-arid environments. Some species live in extremely hot deserts, others reside in transitional habitats, and still other species can be found in woodlands where it is somewhat cool but still very dry for a large part of the year.

The Top 5 Lizards E-mail
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5. Amblyrhynchus cristatus

The Top 5 Lizards

The marine iguanas of the Galapagos islands boast a lifestyle shared by no other reptile; like penguins or sea lions, they spend their entire lives on the shoreline, diving into the water for their food. They live exclusively on a diet of green algae, using their blunt jaws to scrape it from submerged rocks. Charles Darwin was famously repulsed by these animals when he first discovered them, and referred to them in his notes as “imps of darkness.”

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