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Animals With A Sense Of Humour E-mail
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Life on mirth! Who said animals don't have a sense of humour?

Sometimes you just have to see the funny side of life - and these animals certainly do.

Following the example of the ‘happypotamus’ featured in the Mail recently, there are lots of other creatures which also boast a funny bone.

Amazingly, scientists believe chimps, dogs and even rats are capable of laughter - and that the ability to laugh came before speech in humans.

From delighted dolphins to amused apes, something’s certainly put a smile on these animals’ faces...

Animals With A Sense Of Humour

The 'happypotamus' as featured in the Mail recently: The smiling hippo has become an internet sensation

Zien The Lion Loves Bath Time E-mail
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African soap opera: Zien the lion thinks bathtime is a roaring success

While most cats notoriously hate water Zien the fussy lion is so particular about being clean he loves nothing more than getting lathered up with British big cat handler Alex Larenty.
Alex has formed such a close bond with the lions in his care that he fearlessly grooms the top predators as if they were visitors to a spa.
And Zien is his most frequent visitor - rushing over for a good pampering with Alex whenever he can.

Zien The Lion Loves Bath Time

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