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Cute Snow White Cubs E-mail
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The little lions in winter: Pair of rare snow-white cubs spring a surprise on keepers at wild life park

These snow-white lions in winter were born in a Caesarian procedure at a German wild animal park after the pregnancy of their mother went unnoticed.

Twins Niza and Nero are off the critical list after 15 days in intensive care following their birth at the Serengeti Park near Hanover.

Keepers didnít notice that heir mother Brouks, two, was pregnant.

Cute Snow White Cubs

White lion babies Niza, left, and Nero are held by keeper Hanze Hamza 13 days after their surprise birth

Can You Spot The Invisible Animals? E-mail
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Can you spot the 'invisible animal'? Incredible images show nature's disappearing act when predators are near
  • These animals are trying their utmost to fool predators by blending into landscapes all over the world
  • They were taken by photographer Art Wolfe over a period of 35 years, for his work 'Vanishing Act'
Whether they are hunters or the hunted, these cunning animals are all masters of disguise who can fool even the most beady-eyed passer by into believing they are not there.

Some hide under lily pads, some dissolve into the bark of a tree while others slip seamlessly into the snow, either to hide from a hungry predator or silently stalk an unwitting prey.

But the one thing from which they cannot hide is the all-seeing camera lens of photographer Art Wolfe.

He has spent over 35 years roaming the deserts of Africa, the rainforests of South America, the mountains of the United States and snow plains of Canada to capture wildlife at its most invisible.

Can You Spot The Invisible Animals?

It's white in front of you! A willow ptarmigan in winter plumage, hidden on a brushy slope near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The animals are trying their utmost to fool predators but that's not enough to deceive international photographer Art Wolfe

He has travelled through every continent in the world in tireless pursuit of more subjects for his chef-d'oeuvre 'Vanishing Act' that dates back to the 1980s.

Art said: 'Throughout my career as a nature photographer, I have challenged myself to present new perspectives on well-documented subjects.

'Like most of my projects this collection has been a long time in the making.

'Finding and filming animals on location is an exhilarating and painstaking process. I'm still adding to the project even now.

'Conventional wildlife photography calls for isolating the subject by selective focus, this way the animal is clearly defined.
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