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Cute Newborn Polar Bear Cubs E-mail
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Newborn polar bear cubs pictured keeping close to mom on their first venture out of their den and into the Canadian wilderness

Thomas Kokta travelled from his home in Washington state to capture the polar bear family in Manitoba, Canada
Less than 500 people are thought to have seen tiny cubs emerging from their den for the first time
Mr Kokta captured rare sight, photographing polar bear triplets in the wild
Females often give birth to more than one cub but twins are far more common than triplets

It is sight rarely enjoyed... tiny polar bear cubs emerging from their den for the first to play in the snow.
But wildlife photographer Thomas Kokta was in the right place at the right time, on hand to capture the rare moment, as three young cubs ventured out into the snow-covered plains of Canada, their mother in tow.
It is thought less than 500 people have been lucky enough to witness baby polar bears as they emerge from their dens in the wild.

Cute Newborn Polar Bear Cubs

Cutest Triple Animals Photography E-mail
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Positive Selection of Wonderful Photo Gallery of Animals in Theme Three.

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