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Papa Lion Meets Baby Cubs E-mail
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Heartwarming footage of the moment a papa lion meets its baby cubs for the first time

The heart-warming first encounter shows six-month-old cubs Kamali, Zalika and Angalia as they attempt to play with their father, Zawadi Mungu 'At first he was surprised but as time passed he grew more patient,' said senior zoo keeper Laura Weiner.

Lions may be one of the world's deadliest predators - but this male quickly assumed the role of caring father when meeting his cubs for the first time.
The heart-warming first encounter shows six-month-old cubs Kamali, Zalika and Angalia full of youthful intrigue as they bound towards their dad hoping he wanted to play.
Despite appearing withdrawn at first, 500lb Zawadi Mungu quickly got used to his young triplets bouncing around him with their mother Neka nearby in their Predators of the Serengeti habitat in Oregon Zoo, USA.

And aware of his new role he was quick to ensure they knew who was boss - giving them a gentle roar if they overstepped the mark or a light pat with his paw to calm them down.
Senior keeper for the zoo's Africa section Laura Weiner said: 'We were confident that Zawadi would be tolerant of his cubs right away and we're glad we were right because the cubs rushed him as soon as they saw him.
'At first he was surprised but as time passed he grew more patient.'
'Within minutes he had female lions swarming him. I think all the attention must have been overwhelming because he quickly jumped onto a boulder to escape for a bit.'

Papa Lion Meets Baby Cubs

When the papa lion first encounters one of his cubs, he roars to show her who's boss

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 March 2014 )
Saving Elephant Orphans In Zambia E-mail
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The Essex girl who has dedicated her life to saving elephant orphans in the Zambian bush and nursing them back to health

  • Rachael Murton cares for baby elephants left without their mums by poachers killing indiscriminately
  • The Chelmsford-born biology graduate carries out dangerous rescue operations in the African bush
  • She manages the Lilayi Elephant Nursery, the only orphanage of its kind in southern Africa

As she strides purposefully through an African forest in leopard-print Wellingtons, Essex girl Rachael Murton is pursued by six excitable elephants.
Together, the lumbering animals weigh a combined 500 stone, but Chelmsford-born Rachael retains her composure.
For these young orphaned elephants, this devoted young British woman is their surrogate mum, and each wants to be first for a cuddle.
Tenderly, these colossal beasts years from being fully grown raise their trunks to 33-year-old Rachael's face, seeming to wrap her in an embrace.

Saving Elephant Orphans In Zambia

Dedication: Rachael Murton, who runs The Lilayi elephant nursery close to Lusaka in Zambia, with one of the young orphans she cares for

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