19 Animals At The Top Of The Corporate Ladder

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s a question we’ve been asked ever since we were tiny babies, and the prospects for successful career paths are presented to us at a very early age. Some of us take a very long, winding road to find the right one, but these animals have made it. They clearly know how to work the system!

1. “You like the decor? Yeah, we had the same designer come in who did Martha Stewart’s house.”

2. “Getting those reports done, Alice?”

3. “That’s right….Big Brother’s watching you, minions.”

4. You aren’t gonna make your millions sleeping in file cabinets…What’s that? You’ve already made them? Okay, sleep away.

5. “Welcome to W.O.O.F. where it’s all dogs, all the time. I’m your host, DJ Beggin’ Strip, who’s our first caller?”

6. “Jill, I said no selfies during team meetings.”

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