21 Hilarious Furry Guys Beg To Be Back Inside

Big or small, life decisions are tough. Which line do you get into at the grocery store? Which cross street should you turn on? What job should you take? Do you want to be inside, or outside? No matter what you decide in any of these situations, there’s always the chance that you’ll regret your decision and kick yourself for it all day.

These cuties are all very upset with themselves for choosing to be outside, and will do whatever it takes to get their person’s attention!


2. “The shade is running out! SOS!”

3. He has to use the bathroom and hates peeing in the great big litter box we call nature.

4. “Do I smell…roast beef?”

5. Can you imagine waking up to this lovely view every morning?

6. Hey there, little goat. Sorry you’re not an inside goat…these cedar floorboards were just

7. “Do you not see that it’s raining?! Rude.”

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