A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

Sam the cat has only one expression thanks to his ‘eyebrows’ – worried, His good humoured owner has posted 50 pictures of him online which have earned him worldwide internet fame. He may have nine lives, but thanks to his unusual fur markings, Sam the cat has only one expression – worried. The mystified moggy has become an internet sensation after his owner set up a page dedicated to him and his ‘eyebrows’. The feline, believed to be from New York, has more than 10,000 followers on picture sharing site Instagram, with his quizzical expression earning him world wide fame.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

am the cat has become an internet hit thanks to his furr-owed brow and unfortunate hair markings

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

If the saying is to be believed Sam may have nine lives, but he has just one expression – worried.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

The unusual fur markings, which make it appear as if he has eyebrows, have provoked much hilarity online from his many followers

The two black marks on his forehead give him a range of expressions that is wider than that of his feline friends, who usually reserve expressions of disdain for their owners.

Sam’s owner started the Instagram account which features almost 50 photos of the interestingly marked pet.

The photos instantly became popular on the account named, ‘samhaseyebrows,’ with his owner stating in the biography: ‘Sam This is Sam. He has eyebrows.’

The pictures of the cat quickly became an Internet sensation, spreading from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook.

Even Sam looks surprised by his new found fame.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

But Sam looks less than impressed with his owner’s sense of humour. In fact, he looks a little worried.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

Even while relaxing before bed, Sam cannot wipe the expression off his face.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

Sam the cat clearly does not share his owner’s good sense of humour, and seems to find the whole affair rather… worrying.

A Funny Cat With Eyebrows

The rare and unusual markings are caused by dark spots in his pure white fur

Quirky cats have long been an internet favourite.

In 2011, the web was flooded with pictures of people’s cats that ‘looked like Hitler’ thanks to their unusual fur markings.

Last year a bizarre trend for posting pictures of cat’s faces encased in bread emerged.

A Facebook group dedicated to dressing cats in bread, and promoted by blogs across the internet, earned more than 10,000 followers.

2012 also saw plans for the world’s first Internet Cat Video Film Festival, which featured home videos of cats doing ‘adorable activities.’

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