Beautiful World Of A Squirrel

Squirrels often appear on people’s “favourite animals” list, probably because they’re incredibly adorable, funny and furry. But they are much more, they are incredibly fast, resourceful, hard working and have an amazing sense of direction. They love hoarding and preparing for winter months, and will make sure they gather enough for a decent winter hoard.

Lets have a look at these cute little guys, and how they live:

Fall is the time for squirrels to gather as much food as possible in a mad dash to a well stocked food pile before winter settles in. They bring collected food into their homes in hollow trees or the ground.

A squirrel dream feast. Some ground squirrels start preparing for winter as early as early summer. The gray and fox squirrels have a ‘scatter hoarding’ pattern, in which they hide their hoarded food in many various locations, coming back for it later. A tree squirrel doesn’t hibernate during winter, and so needs to have a daily supply of food.

A squirrel with its trophy, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Not only do squirrels love walnuts, but their brain is about the same size!

A curious and furry little squirrel.

Happy to have a snack.

Score! Many tree squirrels have long hair on their ears.

When we think of squirrels, we usually think of the tree squirrel, and they can be found in forests, parks and even urban environments.

As rodents, squirrels have four front teeth that never stop growing, so they can keep gnawing away as they please. They’ve even been known to chew through power cables, causing blackouts.

The bushy tail we love so much serves the squirrel well. It keeps them balanced, soften their jumps and helps them communicate with other squirrels.

Almost got it. Even squirrels fall out of trees sometimes, but they mostly use their tails as parachutes and are rarely harmed.

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