Beautiful World Of A Squirrel

When hungry, a squirrel will eat outside its regular diet of plants and nuts, and start eating insects, eggs, small birds, small snakes and even smaller rodents.

Red berries are a delicious treat.

Many squirrels dig like crazy during the fall, to make many hiding places for their food hoard.

Gray squirrels sometimes have darker or lighter shades, like this rare white squirrel here.

And of course, they serve to entertain frustrated cats on a daily basis.

Squirrely love? Squirrels communicate through chirps and shrill little sounds, expressing anything from fear to contentment.

A playful red squirrel.

Squirrels come in a variety of colors and looks. These squirrels all stopped to take a photo, but can run very fast if needed. An officer that once used a radar gun to clock a gray squirrel, found he was moving at 20 mph (32 kph).

This squirrel is not albino, otherwise it would have red eyes. It is just a white squirrel enjoying a nibble.

This squirrel shows its agility by fence walking.

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