Cute Polar Bear Cubs And Mom

Can we have a cuddle, mum? Three-month-old polar bear cubs don’t take no for answer from their poor, tired mother (but who wouldn’t want to hug one?)

Photographer Matthias Breiter captured mother and cubs close up at Wapusk National Park near Manitoba, Canada

An exhausted mother polar bear cooled down on ice while her trio of adorable cubs playfully wrestled with each other.

Stunning images show the cubs, thought to be just three months old, demanding their mother’s attention all day as they clambered over her.

But, the doting female adult remained patient with her babies despite the fact she always had to be on the lookout for danger.

Cute Polar Bear Cubs And Mom

Chilling out: The mother polar bear relaxed on the ice while her three cubs played around her

Cute Polar Bear Cubs And Mom

Grin and bear it: This patient mother polar bear allowed photographer Matthias Breiter close to her cubs

The heart-warming images were snapped at Wapusk National Park near Manitoba, Canada.

Photographer Matthias Breiter was lucky to get close enough to the family of polar bears to capture the touching moments between the mother and her cubs.

Matthias, 48, from Kenora, Ontario, Canada, said: ‘Wapusk is the only place I know where polar bears are easily accessible for photographers.

‘The mother was very caring and protective of her cubs, she licked them clean and made sure they stayed close by.

Cute Polar Bear Cubs And Mom

The adorable cubs snuggled up for cuddles with their mother at Wapusk National Park near Manitoba, Canada

Cute Polar Bear Cubs And Mom

The mother polar bear never let her trio of cubs – thought to be aged three months – out of her sight

‘She never interfered though in the little play fights among the cubs.
‘She knew I was there but paid little attention to me as I didn’t approach them – she never let her cubs be more than a few feet away from her.

‘The female adult cooled off on the ice for about half an hour after a play session with her cubs.

‘Polar bears can overheat easily and they spread themselves out on the ice to get rid of excess heat in their arms and legs."

Matthias, who is also a biologist specialising in polar bears, added: ‘These are some of my best polar bear images.’

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