Incredibly Cute Bug – Keep Kids Away From

We all know the drill. There are some bugs — like bees, roaches, and wasps — that we should stay away from. But dangerous bugs aren’t always easily identifiable. This can make things really tricky, especially when summer rolls around and they all rear their creepy-crawly heads in our backyards.

To make your life a little easier, we’re here to give you the lowdown on one cute little bug you should avoid at all costs.

This is the puss caterpillar.

Don’t let its silly name and fuzzy appearance fool you. It can cause great harm to humans, since all of those hairs are actually extremely venomous spines. Some people claim that an encounter with one of these is more painful than a bee sting.

So where do these dangerous little weirdos live, anyway?

These dangers to society typically live near oak, elm, and citrus trees. Pay close attention if you live down south, since these critters love that nice weather. If you get stung, seek medical attention immediately. In the meantime, grab some ice packs to numb the pain, and try to remove the stingers with cellophane tape.

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