These Pups Are The Living Definition Of ‘Exhausted’

When you look up “exhaustion” in the dictionary…or type “define exhaustion” into Google…this is what you get:

A state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

Okay yeah, sure, that’s fine. But some of us are visual learners, who always needed to play with those brightly-colored plastic tangram shapes to really grasp geometry (ahem, even in high school). So let these incredibly pooped puppies give you the most accurate definition of exhaustion possible:

1. This is coming out of your time sheet, Hector.

2. “Do you see these steps? They’re as big as I am! I’ll sleep right here, thanks.”

3. Post-park naps are much better with a sister for a pillow.

4. She’s dreaming of her nice, warm doggie bed, aka your pillow (or face).

5. You can try to fight the sandman, but resistance is futile.

6. Couldn’t even wait to get the leash off.

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