What A Baby Swordfish Looks Like

What A Baby Swordfish Looks Like

Marine biologist Juan C. Levesque captured a stunning close-up of a tiny baby swordfish on his finger tip. ?Gladiator of the sea?, the minuscule creature can be measured in millimetres, but when fully grown, reaches 3 meters in length!

?Born with a short snout and prickly scales, swordfish develop rapidly,? Levesque writes in his article on the species. ?Researchers in the Mediterranean Sea estimated the average growth rate of post-larvae/juvenile swordfish at somewhere between one-eighth and one-quarter of an inch per day.?

The baby swordfish might look totally defenseless, but like Levesque writes, ?these fish are fighters from day one.? Don?t let this baby fool you ? he already feeds on other fish larvae!

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