Grandma Moses And Her Famous Artworks

One of the most famous artists in America, Grandma Moses, not at school. She did not finish the Academy of Art. She did not have teachers. His way of life, this amazing woman began ordinary peasant. She lived on a small farm, from early childhood a lot of work.Moses was from a poor family, she had eleven years to rotten rich neighbors. It later married, and her husband, too, was poor was the same wage laborer, as she did. The whole life of Moses took place in heavy peasant labor …

When she was 76 years old, my daughter advised to start drawing. Moses never studied and no one taught her to paint. Her first paintings were hung at a local pharmacy. Passing by an engineer, is interested in painting, drew attention to these cute, primitive pictures. For a pittance I bought several. He began to exhibit in his gallery to show friends. So, gradually, step by step, Grandma Moses was the most famous artist of America. Her paintings were presented at the American president birthdays. She died at the age of 101 years, creating more than 1,600 paintings and drawings.

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