Tiny Handmade Dragons Will Steal Your Heart

Tiny, Handmade Dragons Will Steal Your Heart

When artist Darya Belomoina was a child, she used to imagine that the world was full of invisible creatures and spirits that would reveal themselves if you only knew how to look. She saw creatures in everything, from the wind and rain to her grandmother’s chair and her own toys, which she believed would come to life when no one was looking.

Of course, Belomoina grew up, but her imagination never left her. About ten years ago, she happened upon a workshop that detailed how to make toys with moving parts, and put together a toy dragon made from, as she describes, “A piece of polymer clay, paper clips, and old gloves.” Those humble materials became something right out of her childhood fantasies, and Belomoina realized that she could bring all of those fantasies to life.

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