Here’s The Correct Way To Convert Your Moto Bike To A Trail Bike

Here's The Correct Way To Convert Your Moto Bike To A Trail Bike

Motocross riding might not be easy for everyone and has little scope for mistakes. However, many Motocross riders ride dirt bikes on trails with no problem. It’s more about the will to do it than speed when you ride off-road or on trails.

The fact is, you can’t go 40 mph navigating between trees, over fallen logs or through deep mud puddles. So, it might not be a requirement to reduce the weight of your dirtbike to make it a trail bike. In fact, you’ll actually gain weight by converting your Motocross bike to a trail bike because of the adjustments.

You can purchase a separate dirt bike for trails for sure. However, if that’s not an option, you will need to add some stuff for a successful conversion.

Take a look at some of the significant adjustments you can make to prepare your bike for those challenging trails!


The Right Protection

Motocross bikes are not meant to be driven through the woods. A single misstep will result in the engine being crushed like a melon. So, you shouldn’t leave the vehicle without handguards.

The constant twig whipping to your hands might not end your day, but a strong branch from an adjacent tree will grab your front brake lever and send you flying over the handlebars. Yes, stuff like that happens.

So, before you go off-road, make sure to add wrap-around handguards, skid plates and radiator guards to your dirt bike.


Big Fuel Tank

Your dirt bike’s fuel tank is big enough to last you for a 30-minute ride. However, if you don’t have a large tank, you won’t be able to travel too far from camp on the trails.

It’s certainly not a good idea to run out of fuel when competing in enduro or other off-road competitions.


Work Your Suspension

You might consider having your suspension re-valved if you plan to turn your dirt bike into an off-roader. Motocross bikes have a stiffer suspension to handle jumps and whoops, so it is a bit more rigid than you will need for the trails.

You can adjust the compression and rebound first. If that doesn’t work, consider switching to a more comfortable setup. To make the change, you will likely need to consult a professional.


Revamp the Gear System

Although it might not be an immediate adjustment to make, it will undoubtedly help.

Changing the gear ratio of your Motocross bike to adjust for the slower speeds a trail bike handles will give you better handling and the torque required to overcome steep grades, thick mud holes, and other obstacles.

However, if you are racing in the desert or other high-speed conditions, perhaps no changes are necessary.


Other Important Adjustments

It’s a great idea to go all out and equip your bike with extras to make it a trail-riding machine to adapt to the riding surroundings.

A bike stand is not practical for off-roading, so you can add a kickstand to your bike. This allows you to take a break from riding and keep it steady against trees or other obstacles. Given the weight of dirt bikes, we’d say a kickstand can be a lifesaver while riding off the road.

Many sanctioned riding events and several OHV trails require participants to have a spark arrestor. Although you can ride on private land without a spark arrestor, you will need one to avoid being fined if you plan to do a complete crossover conversion. You will also need a headlight if you plan to ride after dark falls.


Final Word

Riding on dirt bike tracks and acing the off-road trails are two separate things. It would be a mistake to think you can take your usual bike to go riding through the woods. So, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above to convert your bike to a trail riding beast.

Also, do you know what else can be a mistake while riding in the wilderness? Well, going all-in without proper protective gear like motocross helmets, gloves and boots. So make sure you do not leave your lifelines behind for a bit of adrenaline rush.

Happy riding!

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