9 Celebrities Who Were Homeless Before Tasting The Fame

As regular people who are not followed by paparazzi when on roads, we secretly feel envious of all the luxuries that the celebs enjoy. Some of them keep showing up in the list of the highest paid actors, some others are known to the world as business tycoons. But, no matter how glorious their success story is today, once in the past, they all have had tiffs with life.

Following is a list of some of the most popular celebrities around the world that once lived the life of a homeless:


1. Steve Jobs



Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College because he did not want his parents to spend on his expensive education, something that they could not afford well already. And dropping out of college meant no dorm rooms. So he slept on the floor of his friends’ dorms and returned Coke Bottles to manage food money. Every Sunday night, he walked 7 miles to savour weekly good meals at a local Hare Krishna Temple (ISKCON), which was located across the town.


2. Jim Carrey



His father’s sudden unemployment compelled Jim Carrey and his family to live out of a van. After staying parked at different places throughout Canada, he eventually shifted to her elder sister’s lawn and lived out of a tent.

However, there was a silver lining to his cloud as it was during his homelessness that he is said to have discovered his knack for comedy.

3. Jennifer Lopez



Jennifer Lopez’s mother was completely against her daughter’s desires of becoming a dancer and instead, wanted her to go to college. The mother and daughter relationship had soured to the point where it compelled the world’s heartthrob to leave her home at age 18, and spend the nights sleeping on the couch of her dance studio.

4. Sylvester Stallone



Enough has been said about the story of how Sylvester Stallone made Rocky a reality but, did you also know about the brief period of homelessness that dawned upon him after he was kicked out of his apartment?

He spent his sleeping hours in New York City Port Authority. His days changed for good when Stallone came across a casting ad for a pornographic film titled, “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s,” and the $200 that he made from doing the movie were utilized in getting life back on track.

5. Charlie Chaplin


And he also had a brother to take care of.

6. Chris Gardner



Before taking Wall Street by storm, Chris Gardner found a home on the streets of San Francisco where he lived with his son. During this testing phase, he was trying to make it in the field of finance despite being a total stranger to the said area. He sure had a job, but the meagre amount he made every month was not sufficient to afford daycare for his son and food for two.

7. Daniel Craig



Can anyone even picture this highest paid James Bond till date, as a struggler who once slept on park benches?

8. Halle Berry



The super hot and immensely talented Halle Berry is the first and till date, the only woman to have won an Oscar in the leading role category. But was her journey from a struggling actor to a historic winner so easy?

Adding to the list of failed marriages, rough relationships, and a suicide attempt is the fact that during her early times as a struggling actor in New York City (sometime in 1989), she stayed in a homeless shelter.

To an interview with Reader’s Digest, she said that her time spent as a homeless made her strong enough to face any kind of disaster that may befall.

9. Hillary Swank



When her parents divorced, Hillary Swank was only 13. And this drastic change in her family life compelled her and her mother to move to Los Angeles so that she could go ahead and pursue her dream of becoming an actress. But since purse strings were too tight to live off easily, they survived out of their car until enough amount was arranged to move into an apartment.

There are many forms of struggles. For you, it might be in the form of having to work late nights. For them, it rendered them homeless. But they all made it through, and the world now bows before these amazing talents out of nothing but respect.

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