Creative Dishes Made By Brazilian Mom

My sister Nívea Salgado is not an ordinary Brazilian mother. Having graduated in Dentistry and obtained both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the field, she quit her academic career in order to dedicate to motherhood, with all its aspects. After a year of sleepless nights, she began to write a blog called Mil Dicas de Mae.

According to Nívea, when her daughter Catarina finally started to sleep well at night, she went from a good eater to a picky one. She would only accept apples despite her mom’s attempt to offer her a wide range of fruit. That was when this mom decided to use the manual skills she had developed as a dentist. Without attending any cooking or food art course, she started to prepare lovely creative dishes that her daughter could not resist. Fortunately, now Catarina eats very well, not only fruit but also vegetables. She even helps elaborate the dishes by asking her mom to add the images of her favorite characters and stuffed animals to them.

Creative Dishes that look like Drawings

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