How to Get Beautiful Eyebrows

How to Get Beautiful Eyebrows

A pair of Beautiful eyebrows is just great to have. The impression the eyebrows make about you cannot be overlooked. However, most women overlook their eyebrows. The worst is that they sometimes pluck it so much that it creates a negative impression about them. The eyebrows give a great look to the face when you take good care of them.

Natural eyebrows

Combing through your eyebrows with a brush will give you perfectly groomed eyebrows. The combing should be done upwards and outwards. To hold the shape in place slightly slick the combed eyebrows with some clear.

How to groom your eyebrows

There are several ways to fill in spotty and sparse brows. Here are two of them.
Apply a bit of eye shadow to your brow. Brush with an angle eye shadow brush in the direction of the brow. Extend the brush-on shadow unto the edge of your eye. Match the colour of the eye shadow to the colour of your brows.

You can also blot any excess by patting a tissue on top of your eye brows. You can pencil your eyebrows if you believe they are too thin thus making them thicker. Do this by running the pencil along the brow line below. Press a little powder on top of the pencil line to soften it. Apply the brush gently to fill the powder and the pencil to the brow.

Eyebrow tips

You must take into consideration the distance between the eye and the brow and the length of the brow when grooming it.

If you have to pluck your eyebrows, do it in between. Never pluck the top of your eyebrow, if not it will become fuzzy. See a professional if it is the first time you have to pluck your eyebrows.

Most of the time, elongated, simple and clean eyebrows are the most elegant.
See a facialist to help you wax messy eyebrows.

The best time to pluck eyebrows is after a bath. This is because your pores will open up and you will not feel so much pain. You can also do it before bedtime so that you will not have to go round with a reddened skin above your eyes.

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