The Plasma Burst (Thrilling Action Game)

Game Description
Plasma Burst is a fast paced side-scrolling shooter with great graphics, doll physics, and extreme violence. There are 16 challenging levels which require the player to develop strategies to avoid being shot down. Different routes to take through each level make for fun gameplay when trying to figure out which way to go in order to get the jump on the enemy. 9 different weapons can be purchased as well as upgraded from the store between rounds. The enemies also utilize these weapons which create a more realistic environment. Smart computer enemies will jump, duck, and take cover when being shot at. Pinpoint shooting accuracy allows for head shots and hits to other vital areas.

Game Controls
A = Walk Left
D = Walk Right
W = Jump
S = Crouch
Left Mouse Button = Fire
Mouse Wheel or Number Keys (1-9) = Change Weapon
E = Use
G = Grenade
P = Pause .

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