10 Exciting Things You Can Do To Not Get Bored On A Lazy Day

Have you ever woken up on a day where you have absolutely nothing to do? Yup, that’s right, no plans, no motivation, no ideas, no obligations. Just you and 12-24 hours of free time. Sounds ideal, right? The only problem is, there’s this undying urge to do something, anything, to kill the time and enjoy it at the same time.

1. Browse the internet

The internet is a vast expanse of content, information and other data that is enough to keep you entertained (Be warned, I’m not implying xxx)

Reading interesting articles, catching up on what’s happening in the world, sure, the internet is addictive. But use it to let you get started on your idea. There are inspiring and creative ideas out there. After all, we live in this generation where Googling is our one-stop solution.

2. Exercisehttps

Whether it’s going to the gym, jogging around your colony/neighborhood or just working out in your bedroom, exercise is a great way to stretch your muscles and break the monotony in your mind.

3. Shake that booty

In the words of Lady Gaga, “Just Dance.” Imagine you’re on a reality show or you just want to break free while enjoying your favourite music. If you don’t want your neighbours staring at you, pull the curtains shut and dance till your legs are numb. Not only are you burning stubborn calories, you are relieving yourself of stress and boosting your memory as well as a lot of other physical benefits.

4. Be creative in the kitchen

Have you ever craved something that you can’t easily get? Perhaps a dessert that’s rarely available at bakeries or a dish from your hometown that the outside world doesn’t know of? Even if you don’t have the necessary ingredients, you can play around with what you already have to make your own version. Not good enough? Then make a quick round to the green grocers and pick up what you need.

Taking the effort to make something by yourself, it will make you appreciate it better.

5. Go back to kindergarten

No, I didn’t mean visit your school, or drop by your teacher’s place.

Do the things from kindergarten that were fun and exciting. Print out colouring pages to hook your felt pens up with, or look up fun ways to make various paper crafts. Scissors, paper and glue is all you need. Tissue flowers, and doll houses are absolute classics. Crafting and colouring can keep you occupied for hours and relax you at the same time. You’re not straining your eyes and nor are you wasting time.

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