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21 Facts About Recycling That Should Get You To Start Thinking About The Environment

15. We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste each year. If we composted that food, it would reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas as taking 2 million cars off the road.

16. In 2010, paper recycling had increased over 89% since 1990.

17. A glass container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as few as 30 days.

18. One drip one second from a leaky faucet wastes 540 gallons of water a year.

19. It takes a 15-year-old tree to produce 700 grocery bags.

20. Disposable diapers last centuries in landfills. An average baby will go through 8,000 of them!

21. It takes between 400 and 500 years for a Styrofoam cup to decompose. It takes an orange peel six months to decompose.

If this doesn’t get you to consciously think about our environment, and start acting towards saving it, I don’t know what will.

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