6 Things About Delhi That People From Other Cities Exaggerate About

Having been born and brought up in Delhi, over the years I have come across some obnoxious views about the city. People from other cities have many perceptions about Delhi which aren’t exactly true. And even if there is a little truth behind those stories, a lot of it is exaggerated and talked about. You will be able to relate to these comments if you call yourself a true Delhiite. And if you’re travelling to Delhi from other cities on work or vacation, if you’re here for a long stay or just to transit to the Himalayas, may we humbly suggest that you read this story with an open mind and enjoy your stay in Delhi befikar cos Dilli hai Dil walon Ki 🙂

1. Arrogant People

Delhi boasts of a mix culture where people from all parts of the country are welcomed. We don”t have anyone calling outsiders “Bhaiya log” in derogatory salutation as they do in Mumbai. Having said that, how does one identify if a Delhiite is being rude to you or someone from Bihar, Kerala or Bengal? Being arrogant or humble is a personality trait and generalising it for Delhi is a little too harsh, don’t you think so?

2. Unfriendly People

I have heard several stories about the rickshaw drivers being rude but then I have also seen people stopping on the road to help a blind person cross the road, helping foreigners with directions and even standing together at Jantar Mantar and protesting for what is right.

3. Extremely Unsafe

I do agree to the fact that Delhi is an unsafe city but calling it a ‘rape capital’ is sheer exaggeration. It’s absolutely okay in Delhi to get out of the house, use public transport and perform daily errands! The city doesn’t give you the freedom to roam around alone at night but then when you are moving out in groups, things are under control and not as bad as how it has been portrayed.

4. Delhi Girls Have An Attitude Problem

Frankly speaking, I love carrying an attitude and that is called a ‘positive attitude’. Other than that, I am sorry I don’t know what you are talking about *rolling eyes*

5. Everything In Delhi Is Expensive

Well, if that is what you think then clearly you have never shopped in Sarojini Nagar, never had street food in Chandni Chowk and never stayed at OYO Rooms!

6. Harsh Climate

It isn’t that hot in summers that you can’t step out of the house. And winters too aren’t that cold for you to wear ten layers of clothes! The good part about Delhi’s weather is that there’s variety and nothing lasts for eternity. So we have summer, winter, spring, autumn and a short monsoon! We don’t have to suffer 4 months of non stop rain like they do in Mumbai.

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