9 Feelings Only Virgos Will Understand

Being a Virgo isn’t all that easy. You’re born with a mind that is constantly running. And coping with so many feelings all at once is a little difficult. Here are some of them you’d understand only if you’re a true blue Virgo.

1. That moment when there’s so much going on inside your head that you can’t even decide whether you’re feeling happy, sad, angry or just irritated.

Mixed feelings? Tell me about it! You sometimes wish your mind could stop working for a while!

2. That moment when someone casually points out your mistake and leaves you drowning in a sea of self-doubt and remorse without even knowing it.

3. You love replaying old conversations and scenes, especially fights, over and over in your mind, till the point you start blaming yourself for it!

4. Only a Virgo is capable of feeling like the most intelligent person in the world and the most worthless at the same time.

You know you can do almost everything better than your friends, but you’re not sure if you’re any good. Doesn’t make sense? Yeah, well, you’ve got to be a Virgo to understand.

5. You’re not as good a listener as the world thinks you to be.

There are times you are completely zoned out. But you’re just too good at pretending!

6. You cannot help but plan everything in advance.

It is almost like every Virgo in the world has some sort of an OCD of keeping everything organised, prim and proper. Keeping things neat and tidy is your hobby. Whether it’s the icons and folders on your desktop, your clothes or your future plan – you want to have it all in place.

7. In fact, you’re so paranoid at times while travelling, that you carry everything possible with you.

All sorts of medicines just in case someone falls sick, snacks and munchies just in case someone feels hungry, not one but two first aid kits just in case there are several casualties. If you could, you’d carry spare tyres for the bus too.

8. You hate it when you give a thoughtful piece of advice to a friend with the intention of helping and it is not taken in the right spirit.

9. That moment when you’ve had enough and just want to go into hibernation for a while, away from every one you know. In fact, you love having your own ‘me time’.

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