9 Valuable Skills You Need To Have To Survive In This Big, Bad World

You need a game plan to survive in this big, bad world, or else you will fail to make the cut. Here are 9 skills to get you through the rat race called life.

1. The art of convincing.



You need to be shrewd to convince someone to do the work you need them to. Whether it’s pitching an idea or selling a product, you need to have/develop the knack of convincing people to do so.

2. The ability to say ‘no’.



‘No’ is such a difficult word to say. The two-letter word looks small but you cannot underestimate its power. You require a great deal of courage to stand by your opinions and say ‘no’. Being assertive is often misunderstood for being prudish. However, saying ‘no’ at the right time shows that you have got your s**t together and that you don’t care for others’ opinions.

3. Listening patiently.



Have you ever noticed the traits of highly successful people? One of them is listening before talking. They listen carefully to what the other person has to say and then, only then, do they think and reply. Listening needs a lot of patience. Sometimes, it’s harrowing to keep your mouth shut and listen to the other person talking continuously. But if you do, you’ll be closer to gaining the respect of that person.

4. A good sense of humour.



Nobody likes a person who doesn’t like to laugh. Being an unhappy person is not going to help you attract positive people in your life. Therefore, make people laugh with your good sense of humour, and then you won’t be forgotten.

5. Being aware.



Being vigilant about what’s happening around you will not only make you smart, but also a responsible citizen of your country. By keeping abreast of news and information, you will always go ahead in life.

6. The ability to express yourself freely.



Are you the student who raises his hand and asks questions, or the student who keeps mum thinking that his questions are foolish? If you’re the latter, then let me tell you that expressing your doubts and opinions will only make you richer in knowledge and experience. Expressing your opinions without feeling shy or timid will open doors to great knowledge.

7. The art of not giving a f**k.



And by that I mean, caring less about what others think, and doing what you want to do. Once we stop giving importance to unnecessary things, life changes for the better. It’s all about doing your own thing and knowing your game. Not giving a f**k doesn’t mean that you have to be rude. It just means being comfortable with who you are.

8. Being pretentious.



Sometimes we have to smile even when we don’t want to. Sometimes we have to talk even if we don’t need to. Well, however much you hate pretending, you’ve got to do it to keep others happy. But moderation is key, else there are dangers of losing your identity.

9. Adaptability.



The wise Charles Darwin told us, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent , but the one most responsive to change. Adjusting to the conditions, instead of running away from them makes you strong in the biggest race of survival called life.”

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