Images That Show The Worst Of What Humanity Has Done To The Earth

The worst problems that humanity is facing today are that of overpopulation and over-development. In our bid to expand, we’re not only exhausting all our natural resources, but we’re also degrading the environment in the process. This expansion has led to many species becoming extinct; reckless deforestation has affected the ecosystem we and other animals live in. These 17 pictures will give you a glimpse of just what humans have done to the only planet known to support life.

These images have been sourced from the book Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot put together by environmental awareness platform Global Population Speak Out.

1. The effects of global warming can be seen on this melting iceberg near Svalbard Island near Norway.

2. The tar rich region in Alberta has been excessively mined and suffers from toxic pollution.

3. The natural vegetation in the region of Almeria in Spain has been replaced with greenhouses for farming.

4. Even countries as remote as Mongolia haven’t remained untouched by pollution. It’s difficult to even breathe near the Yellow River.

5. Fire rages on at an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico as seen in this picture from 2010.

6. Growing population has led to forests being cut down to make place for farms. Like this palm plantation in Indonesia.

7. The thirst for oil is insatiable. The Ken River oil field in the US has been drilled continuously since 1899.

8. The forest region in the Amazon rain-forest in Brazil being burnt to clear way for people and domestic animals.

9. Probably the worst affected by deforestation, the National Willamette forest in Oregon, US, is 99% deforested.

10. The world’s biggest excavator, called the Bagger 288, located in the Tagebau Hambach mine in Gemany, is used to mine coal.

11. Electronic waste from developed nations ends up in third world countries for reprocessing. A view of the land fill in Accra, Ghana.

12. A scene from a land fill in Bangladesh shows the extent of garbage we produce.

13. This picture shot off the coast of Java, Indonesia, the most populated island in the world, shows a surfer in a wave full of garbage.

14. One of the most populated cities in the world, Mexico City’s boundary extends as far as the eye can see.

15. An albatross that died of excessive plastic ingestion. Recycling plastic is the only way to get rid of it.

16. The islands in Maldives have seen regular flooding due to rising sea levels over the past few years. It will probably sink in the next 50 years.

17. The biggest diamond mine in the world, the Mir Mine in Russia. Diamond mining is one of the biggest causes of pollution in the world.

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