Things You Face When You’re In An Unwanted WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp groups can sometimes annoy the crap out of you. People you lost touch with ages ago, suddenly get your number and add you in these funnily named groups. You simply feel amazed at the idiocy of these people who randomly add you in groups, without your permission. It is that socially awkward virtual space where you simply don?t find the right emojis, to describe your emotions.

Look at what this virtual space does to bore, annoy and irritate you

1. You wake up to find yourself in a group that talks non stop and you have 150 odd WhatsApp messages

2. Sometimes the group consists of over enthusiastic cousins, aunties and uncles This makes it really difficult for you to leave the group.

3. Other times the group is full of people you could never gel well with, in your college or school WTF am I doing in this group?

4. You put the group on mute, but the WhatsApp notification on the top of your phone screen pinches your eyes So you open the group window and shut it instantly.

5. When you browse through your phone gallery, you see random photos and wonder where the hell did they come from Of course that unwanted group!

6. People ask you in personal chats about the reason why you never reply to the group Because I don?t want to.

7. There are times when you just go through the chats to pass your time and regret instantly What do these people do for a living? Message on WhatsApp? They should totally be broke by now!

8. Some day when you decide to participate in the group chat, you instantly come across some annoying person All your motivation to chat is washed down the drain.

9. When your close friend suggest you to leave the group, you tell them why it is not easy Dude that group has my cousins, distant cousins, uncles, aunts, distant uncles, aunts and the entire world that is somehow related to me. If I leave that group, toh woh saare log kya kahenge?

10. If some day you build up the courage and leave the group, you?re instantly added back Sit down, try not to cry, cry a lot. Want to get rid of such groups? Go change your number.

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