True Traits of Punjabees


For all those who don’t know abt “Punjabi’s”
Syaapa- A one word definition of any disaster
Tastiest meal on earth- Langar

The one thing that brings a smile on every Punjabi’s face – Rajma Chawal
Punjabi Fitness mantra- One bottle a day, keeps the doctor away
Being ‘LOUD’ is our birth right, and we shall have it!
Its never ‘Haaan’, its always ‘Hanji’!
You know you are a punjabi when your grandma thinks you are ‘very kamzor (weak)’ even when you are overweight.
Any conversation between two Punjabis for more than 15 minutes can only be about different brands of whisky.
There’s always that one uncle who will dance with a glass on his head after a few pegs at every party!
You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab, But you cannot take Punjab out of a Punjabi!
Our families are often so loud when they’re happy , people think we’re fighting !
The 5 P’s of Punjabiness-
Pinni ( kind of a laddu with lots of dry fruits)

We specialize in the art of earning 1 Rs and spending Rs 1.5 !
Our Biggest Tensions-
When to eat ?
What to eat ?
With whom to eat?

‘Kal se daruu band aur dieting shuru’- Things we say everyday!
Punjabi after 6 pegs-
‘Doosra hai yaar’ !

Life is full of problems… ???
But there are some KEYS Closed lock with keythat can help you.. like:
Saanu key?
Tuannu key ?
Aay key,?
O key?
Hoya key ?
Te fair key?
And to top it all…
… Whis-key ?
Contact Punjabis for these ?s.

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