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12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

Not so long-ago impotency was considered to be a taboo topic to talk on. People were hushed up as they spoke about it because it was considered as a highly embarrassing topic but no more. Thanks to the liberalization of the society, drug advertisements, and advancement in the medicine. Erectile dysfunction is totally treatable and many men have benefitted with the help of medications and a natural healthy diet and are now enjoying a happy married life.

What is E.D?

Doctors simply explain it as an inability to neither obtain nor maintain an erection for physical intimacy. Around 15-30 million males suffer from ED in the United States every year. According to the urologists and the kidney experts, it occurs in 5% of the males who are 40 years old and in 15-25% in the males of 65 years and above. Today science has proven that heavy dosages of medications, prolonged health issues and treatments and severe injuries are the main causes of the erectile dysfunction. As Neil Baum, who is an M.D and a clinical associate professor (urology) at the Tulane University School of Medicine suggests, one can help overcome ED by following these simple 12 ways. Here they are:

12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction


1. Consider Your Medication

Over-the-counter medications like diuretics, antihistamines, heart medications, blood pressure medicines are the root cause of ED. It is, however, true that not every person is same and reacts in the same way to the medicines but drug-induced dysfunction is very common in the men above 50 years of age. If you have this feeling that the drugs that you are taking are the reason behind your ED, you must go and ask your doctor for a medication change.

12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

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